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Myochama tasmanicaMyochama tasmanicaKuroshioturris angustatusKuroshioturris angustatus
Divarilima sydneyensisDivarilima sydneyensisBullina vitreaBullina vitrea
Coluzea mariaeColuzea mariaeProxiuber hulmeiProxiuber hulmei
Bathyarca cybaeaBathyarca cybaeaPedicularia pacificaPedicularia pacifica
Neoguraleus sandersonaeNeoguraleus sandersonaePectinodonta morioriaPectinodonta morioria
Septifer cumingiiSeptifer cumingiiCantharidus burchorumCantharidus burchorum
Pupa affinisPupa affinisJanthina umbilicataJanthina umbilicata
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Welcome to the 'New Zealand Mollusca' website.

This website has evolved from my passion for New Zealand Shells - collecting, studying, and photographing them.

Checklist. Here I have endeavourd to provide an up-to-date checklist of all New Zealand species, with images of the more common or well-known species. The checklist has now been supplemented with a page list for each family.

Updates. I am constantly adding more information about each species, including sizes, habitats, and common names of some species. Genus synonyms are also being added so that older scientific names can be searched for.

Maps. I have recently updated the site to include Google Maps to show some of the locations where species have been recorded. Some of these locations are only approximate. I will be updating the locality data and fine-tuning the locations as I go.

References to other publications are also being added to the checklist, as I go through my reference library. I have also begun adding references to some of the New Zealand Molluscan Publications, eg. "Poirieria" and "Cookia". These are listed with the Species Details, when species are mentioned in the publication.
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Type Localities are also being added to species details.

new Advanced Search. I have recently added functionality to search individual or multiple Geographical Ranges. If all are unchecked, the search will search the entire NZ region.

new SubClasses have also been added to the Advanced Search dropdown list.
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Identification. I am always willing to help with identificaion of any species. Email me with a photo and I will try to help.

If you have any suggestions, enquiries or questions, please email me. Any comments would be appreciated.


Andrew Spurgeon


8 August 2015 new
List of all species with images.
1 August 2015 new
New functionality to search individual or multiple Geographical Ranges.
23 June 2015
New photos added.
16 August 2015
Checklist updated.
26 June 2010
'Common Name' search added.
Locations updated to use Google Maps, showing some of the places where species have been recorded.
26 July 2014
References to Publications for individual species have been added.
May 2014
References to Scientific Papers for individual species have been added. Click here for a list of references.
Kermadec species added.
Endemic (E) and Introduced (I) symbols added to the Geographic Range information
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