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Alcithoe arabicaAlcithoe arabica from off Bream Bay, Whangarei
Tonna tankervilliiTonna tankervillii washed up on Bream Bay, south of Whangarei.
Offadesma angasiOffadesma angasi from the Manukau Harbour, Auckland
Panopea zelandicaPanopea zelandica from off Golden Bay, Nelson
Nassarius (Plicarcularia) burchardiNassarius burchardi, recently discovered in the Waitemata Harbour, Auckland

Welcome to the 'New Zealand Mollusca' website.

I have spent the last few months re-writing and updating the website (yet again).

The checklist has been updated. I am also adding more information about each species, including sizes, habitats, and common names of some species. The search functionality has been updated so you can search common names too.

I have started adding references to the checklist. This will be updated and added to, as I go through my reference library.
There is a list of references here.

Also, adding type localities to species details.

The checklist has now been supplemented with a page list for each family.
Click on any family name in the checklist or individual species page to view a list with species details of the whole family.
Click on the family header to get back to the full checklist.

Any comments would be appreciated.


Andrew Spurgeon

26 August 2011
Maps updated with Geographical Ranges.
5 March 2014
New photos added.
9 February 2014
Checklist updated.
26 June 2010
'Common Name' search added.
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