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Virgiconus flavidusVirgiconus flavidus
Found scuba-diving in the Bay of Plenty
Cellana flavaCellana flava
More common in the south
Calamiconus lischkeanusCalamiconus lischkeanus
Occasionally found in the Far North
Murexsul espinosusMurexsul espinosus
From off White Island in about 20 metres
Metzgeria problematicaMetzgeria problematica
Trawled in deep water on the Bounty Plateau
Alcithoe seelyeorumAlcithoe seelyeorum
Smoother form, from off the Three Kings Islands

Welcome to the 'New Zealand Mollusca' website.

Here I have endeavourd to provide an up-to-date checklist of all New Zealand species, with images of the more common or well-known species.

I am constantly adding more information about each species, including sizes, habitats, and common names of some species.

I have recently updated the site to include Google Maps to show some of the locations where species have been recorded. Some of these locations are only approximate. I will be updating the locality data and fine-tuning the locations as I go.

I have recently begun adding references to some of the New Zealand Molluscan Publications, eg. "Poirieria" and "Cookia". These are listed with the Species Details, when species are mentioned in the publication.

I am gradually adding references to the checklist. This will be updated and added to, as I go through my reference library.
Click here for a list of references.

Also, I am adding type localities to species details.

The checklist has now been supplemented with a page list for each family.
Click on any family name in the checklist or individual species page to view a list with species details of the whole family.
Click on the family header to get back to the full checklist.

Any comments would be appreciated.


Andrew Spurgeon

Locations updated to use Google Maps
showing some of the places where species have been recorded.
Kermadec species added.
Endemic (E) and Introduced (I) symbols added to the Geographic Range information
20 July 2014
New photos added.
24 July 2014
Checklist updated.
26 June 2010
'Common Name' search added.
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